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( Jan ten Broeke)
Ten's Sensualist Artwork

The paintings of the last decade depict mainly biomorphic phenomena, evolutionary forces and propagational drives forming the basis for gender interaction. There is a lot more to this work than the superficial erotics of sexuality.

An Example of Ten's Artwork is:

©   Ten

All Ten's Artwork:     © Ten (Jan ten Broeke)
The work shown on the following pages is only a fraction of the work available

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The following artwork might be considered dangerous by people with prurient disposition.
The work might cast light into the dark and hidden recesses of your mind, illuminate what you are not allowed to see and thereby imperil your soul.
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Ten's Enhancement of Natural Phenomena
Ten's Art in Historic Context          Paleolithic Sexuality
Ten's Art in Historic Perspective  Paleolithic Female Figurines
Enhanced Natural Phenomena     The Berekhat Ram Figurine and Fertility Shrines
Ten's Bio   ,   A little Info about Ten's life.
A Little text about Ten's Art   ,  

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High quality, full size Photo Prints with 1/2" margins on glossy 80# paper of TP-5-2 ,   TP-11-1 ,   TP-11-2 , and   TP-16-1 are available at $45.- each.
Shipping and Handling for the USA and Canada is $5.- , and $10.- for other countries
Giclee prints of   TP-5-2 ,   TP-11-2 and   TP-16-1 are available at $300.- each, including Shipping and Handling.
On receipt of payment, prints will be sent in a mailing tube. Up to five prints can be sent in one mailing.

For Inquiries and Sales Confirmation contact Barbara ten Broeke
by Email :      tenjaba@bellatlantic.net
by Regular Mail :      
      2346 Amwell Road, Somerset, NJ, 08873 USA
      Tel : USA 732-873-2999

Ten has been associated with the Subculture Gallery , which was located at 376 Broome Street in New York.
Unfortunately, in November 2001 this Gallery had to close due to an exhorbitant rent increase.
A Web Site relating to the gallery is still active, and you can click here to see : A Subculture Gallery Opening

Contact by Email :      tenjaba@bellatlantic.net
Contact by regular mail :

     Ten or Jan ten Broeke
      2346 Amwell Road, Somerset, NJ, 08873 USA
      Tel : USA 732-873-2999

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